Sinus Headaches


Many people are unaware of the signs and the right treatment for sinus headaches.

Some patients describe sinus headaches as pressure near the eyes, cheeks, or forehead. Others describe it as throbbing pain in their head.

It is not uncommon for migraines and tension headaches to be confused with sinus headaches. The symptoms are so similar, that without proper diagnosis, a practitioner may treat the wrong condition. However, migraines are much more common than sinus headaches. In fact, only one in ten patients who think that they have a sinus headache actually have one.



In addition to pain and pressure, the following are also signs of a sinus headache:

  • You are likely to experience pain when you bend forward. The more you bend, the more you may experience pain. Some people may be unable to perform simple household duties.
  • Stuffy nose. Some people may confuse a cold as a sign for sinus headaches. Unlike a normal cold, the stuffy nose may occur for a longer period.
  • Fatigue. There are many causes of fatigue. When you work or walk for long distances, you are likely to experience fatigue. However, the situation is worse for patients with sinus headaches. You may feel tired even without working.
  • Some pain in the upper teeth. The symptom is very common in patients with sinus headaches in all stages.

One of the most common causes of a sinus headache is a sinus infection. You may also be at an increased risk of sinus headaches if you have had several migraines in life.

Treating Sinus Headaches

Your recovery can be accelerated if you talk to your doctor as soon as you notice symptoms. If you have had a headache for more than two weeks in a month long period, or if you find that pain relievers do not help your headaches, talk to your doctor.

For treatment, the doctor might recommend antihistamines, antibiotics, or decongestants. Anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medications may also be recommended if there is an inflammation of the sinuses. Drinking plenty of water is also important to help relieve symptoms of sinus headaches.